Stephen Champion

Dharmadeepa celebrates Sri Lanka's traditional village culture during the 1980's and 1990's. Today very little remains of this as the country adopts the new 'Colours of Change'. The book is dedicated to the great and colourful Manik Sandrasagra, who was Sri Lanka's most celebrated purveyor of local Cultural and Environmental knowledge.

Dharmadeepa by Stephen Champion. 2009. Hardback. Black & White Photographs.

128 Pages. Photographs. ISBN: 0956138500
Stephen Champion
War Stories

War stories was published in 2008, just months before the end of the 30 year old civil war. The book blends the every day, massacre and landscape alike and portrays the theatre of violence throughout all parts of the country from 1986 until 2008, observing both the 'JVP Years' in the South during the late 1980's and early 1990's and the LTTE's theatre of War in the North and East throughout the three decades.

War Stories by Stephen Champion. 2008. Hardback. Colour and Black & White Photographs.

160 Pages. Photographs. ISBN: 0955746507
Stephen Champion
Lanka | 1986-1992

Lanka 1986 - 1992 was Champion's first book to be published. The Colour and Black and White photographs represent Champion's early work and his unusual approach to the country and it's often turbulent times.

Lanka 1986 - 1992 by Stephen Champion. Hardback. Published by Garnet 1993. Colour and Black & White Photographs.

128 Pages. Photographs. ISBN: 187393811X